Tricheco® Smart

Tricheco® Smart

Small, ultra practical, technological.

Tricheco® Smart is the ideal solution for domestic use, families and small boats. Available in a free-standing or built-in version without affecting kitchen design.

Glass, plastic or aluminium? Tricheco® Smart reduces the volume of bulky urban waste up to 5 times in volume. Maximum simplicity and minimum volume, with just one touch.

Design made in Italy for a perfect kitchen in every detail


From a residential kitchen to the galley of a small boat.
Tricheco® Smart meets the needs of any space, indoor or outdoor, perfectly integrating with the style of any design.

Separate waste collection has never been so advanced


Tricheco® Smart has a dedicated compartment for every type of waste, as in a normal recycling. But thanks to its performance, the garbage bins fill up much more slowly.

Overall simplicity with one touch


With Tricheco® Smart, urban waste management becomes an exclusive moment. Easily select the type of waste you need to compact using a user-friendly touch screen display. Compact design, outstanding technology.
Ideal for those who no longer want to be buried in waste. Tricheco® Smart is designed to significantly reduce the build-up of domestic waste by as much as 80%. Less space allocation for separate waste collection. Cheap running costs due to an optimised energy consumption.