Tricheco® Plus

Tricheco® Plus

Special needs deserve a special compactor.

Tricheco®Plus is the ideal solution for hotels, canteens, condominiums, communities, large boats, industrial kitchens, restaurants and other commercial businesses. Companies that process important amounts of waste on a daily basis: glass, plastic and aluminium and want to reduce waste volumes by up to 5 times.

Tricheco®Plus is free-standing and equipped with a push-button panel for easy programming, simply select waste typology.

Excellence for evolved needs

Tricheco®Plus has been designed and built to make waste management and disposal easy. By saving space and time during waste management you can focus more on what matters most: your business.

Separate waste collection has never been so innovative

With Tricheco®Plus different containers hold different types of waste as with normal recycling. But thanks to its enhanced performance, the garbage bins fill up much more slowly.

Overall simplicity with one touch

Design made in Italy and technology in perfect synergy. With Tricheco®Plus you can select the type of waste to compact thanks to a user-friendly push-button panel.

Tricheco®Plus meets the requirements of any professional kitchen, thanks to a versatile design in line with customer needs. Moreover, Tricheco®Plus can be manufactured in 304 stainless steel for an even higher yield. Wheels allow for mobility for an easy set up anywhere in the kitchen. An appliance designed to significantly reduce the build-up of waste by up to 80% with a significant reduction in space allocation for waste collection.